Senin, 08 Agustus 2016

Steam Achievement PICKER! [HOT]

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 You know ?
we had Some Achievement hacks from steam games.
yes. indeed. if you dont know. let me introduce you SAM.

Steam Achievement Managers
that can make you HAVE ALL Achievement in the Games you had on steam.

Chek it out .
all tutorial include in Rar files.

SAM will not get you banned wether it be on secure or insecure servers ;)

Download Here~

12 komentar:

  1. fiona redderhood8 Agustus 2016 07.10

    can this thing unlock GTA V, and my Rainbow Six achievement?

    1. you must try it by urself.
      but, im believe 'it CAN'

  2. mas, saya mau tanya dong.
    ini aplikasi buat game garrysmod kok, besoknya ke banned ya?
    plis bantuu

    1. garry's mod kan ada vac server nya bro.
      jelas lah kena banned .

  3. hello sir.
    my name is fizzel, im trying to understand youre stupid tutorial inside the .rar , but i cant!

    rather confuse of that things, im try this application.
    awesome its work.
    if you had some antivirus, just disable it.
    now i had completed my fable anniversary achievement ^^! good work sir.

  4. are you serious?
    MAD MAX ?

  5. halo mas.
    saya pingin ngasih testi :D
    work lo.. buat naikin rank 1 dan prestige level di dead by daylight..!!
    makasih banyak mas!.

  6. this hack doesnt work for now!
    please update this hack!!


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