Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Auto Like FB [Complete Bug Session]

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Hi friends,
This is very useful to you if you are a die-heart fan of Facebook. Now you don't need to confirm every single friend in Facebook. Now you can confirm all friends confirmation requests. As well as you can like or unlike your all friends status plus expand like or unlike their comments. Using this script....you can do all above task easily.

Q - How this script can help you.....?

Ans - Automatically like and unlike every comment on the current Facebook page with just one click. No need to click every "like" button by itself, now you can click them all at once. Plus the confirm & unconfirm or ignore all friend request(s) button.

Q- How to Install...?

Ans -
1.You'll need this before you install the script.

Download greasemonkey first here


Download tampermonkey here

2. Restart your Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome browser.

3. Install the script.

4) Done.

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