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Download Game Afterfall: Insanity v 1.0.8364.0

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2035. For almost twenty years, people eke out existence in underground shelters. When the fear of death blunted memories of past life deteriorated, and imprisonment become unbearable. Non-private are increasingly suffering from bouts of claustrophobia, deep sleep into a nightmare.

The main character «Afterfall: Shadow of the Past" - 36-year-old Albert Tokai. It is part of a team of physicians whose main task - to maintain mental stability inhabitants bunker. Albert specializes in so-called syndrome of isolation, however, and he sometimes suffers from its symptoms. So when the hell yawns around the universal insanity, he must find an answer to the question: what is behind all this? In an attempt to find out who is friend and who foe, the hero will not only confront the enemies, and fight their own fears and weaknesses.

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