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[UPDATED] Ragnarok Offline : 3rd Shop Genesis - Warp [UPDATE LINKS DL]

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BANG HUJIO, << Uploader 

Katanya Masih Work, dan Selalu di update linknya..!!
cuman emang masalah Server indowebsternya. 
dan sekarang sudah normal kembali..

Yups Aniway, ane update lagi link nya atas saran bang HUJIO . Trimz


TAMBAHAN/ untuk yg ga bisa link untuk part 6 :

PASS TNY-CZ: it-database

Yang penasaran pengen nglawan Satan Morroc    ada tutornya di bawah :
karena suhu request saiia buat tutornya lengkap deh 

kita mulai aja

pertama yang harus kita siapkan :

- Level yang ajib (minimal level 80)
- Equip yang mewah (yah seenggaknya full effect)
- Skill yang mematikan (ini tergantung ke pemain dan Jobs nya)
- Punya grup/party (minimal mesti punya 2 player)

nah kalo udah punya ke 4 itu persiapkan mental buat lawan Satan Morroc beserta antek anteknya

oke Quest Bermulai dari sini

NPC Quest

Prontera (164, 304)
Geffen (128, 90) 
Payon (200, 113) 
Alberta (128, 64) 
Al De Baran (136, 128)
Nah Kalo udah Ketemu coba klik NPC nya,, oh iya cukup ketemu satu aja,, gak usah semua di tanya..

setelah itu lanjut ke
NPC Quest 2

NPC         : "Welcome to the Morroc Subjugation Information Center. How may I help you?"
Answer      : "I'm here to volunteer"
NPC         : "Welcome, " Nama Char kamu ". I've been waiting for you. I assume our messenger informed you of our situation."
              "Let me process your application immediately. Please wait."
              "Now please go speak to Chief Balrog of the Continental Guard. You can find him in the center."

Nah sekarang Langsung ke Chief Balrog

 NPC Quest 3

NPC         : "You've come here at a bad time, but it's nice to meet you. I'm Continental Guard Chief Balrog. We've been dispatched to Morroc in order to suppress Satan Morroc...
                We'll need all the strength and luck we can gather."
              "It looks like you have business with me. Please make it brief since I don't have a lot of time on my hands. There's lots of things I need to take care of..."
Answer      : "I want to join the Continental Guard."
NPC         : "Huh? Do you want to join us and volunteer for the Continental Guard?"
              "What was your name? " Nama Char kamu "? Oh yes, I've heard of you."
              "Hmm, it occurs to me that you don't understand the danger involved in all this. Do you have any idea how powerful Satan Morroc is?"
              "You won't be able to help us if you don't fully understand the risks. I've seen thousands of foolhardy adventurers throw their
                lives away by thinking they could defeat Satan Morroc with their own strength."
              "We are facing a threat that will determine the world's future, and fools that can't work in a team will be liabilities, not assets."
              "I'm sorry, but inexperienced adventurers would just get in our way. I hope you understand. If you really want to help us, then please focus on your training for now."
Answer      : "Ask Again"
NPC         : "Look, I understand your enthusiasm, but you're mistaken if you think you can help us. I don't have time to fully explain the danger that we're all facing."
              "Satan Morroc is nothing like the monsters you may have encountered. At best you'll throw your life away, but there's the chance that you might 
                get one of my men killed by your mistakes and incompetence. I can't have that!"
              "Please understand that this is for your own good. Fight some Porings or whatever else might be a good match for your level."
Answer      : "You've just got to let me join!"
NPC         : "Sigh... Why are you so persistent? Can't you understand that no means no? Let me say this one more time."
              "We're too busy fighting Satan Morroc to watch after rookies like you. You'd just be throwing your life away."
              "Stop bothering me. You'd be nothing but a burden."
Answer      : "Give me a chance to prove myself!"
NPC         : "Huh? You want a chance to prove yourself?"
              "Yes, I'll do whatever it takes to join the Continental Guard!"
              "Interesting. You have my attention. Alright, I guess it's only fair that I acknowledge your strength if you can handle something for me."
              "The Continental Guard has been on full alert around this village and the desert. We need to be prepared in case Satan Morroc storms our defenses."
              "Soldiers need firewood to keep the bonfires burning all night, but we've been suffering a firewood shortage."
              "I happened to hear that the monsters in the Lava Dungeon have everlasting flame which would solve our bonfire problems. I want you to gather those flames for us."
Answer     : "No problem."

Nah sesuai yang tertulis di Quest ,, Kumpulin 30 Live Coal,,

dan kalo udah kemudian dateng lagi ke chief Balrog

NPC         : "Let's see... One, two, three... Thirty, you've brought them all. Well, this was a pretty simple task. All it takes is time and a little effort. Anyone could do it."
              "Anyways, thank you for bringing the Live Coals. I guess you're stronger than I thought."
              "[" Nama Char kamu "]"
              "Now will you let me join the Continental Guard?"
              "No, gathering these flames is a piece of cake compared to what we're going to do."
              "I'm still not convinced that you're good enough to join us. Let me think... Hmm..."
              "[" Nama Char kamu "]"
              "I didn't think you would accept me so easily. I'm ready. Ask me whatever you want."
              "Ah, I've got an idea. Now, because this is an allied operation, we've accepted some mercenary soldiers from the Schwaltzvalt Republic to join the Continental Guard."
              "These mercenaries have never seen the desert, and they're having trouble carrying out operations in the heat, dry air, and sandstorms. 
                It's not their fault, but they could use a little help since they're out of their element."
              "[" Nama Char kamu "]"
              "(This guy seems threatening, but he seems to have a good heart.)"
              "Now, I remember hearing that the monsters in the Ice Cave to the north have frozen hearts. Those hearts might be able to relieve those soldiers from the heat."
Answer     : "No problem. How many do you want?"    
NPC        : "Huh?! Are you sure you can bring those? Hmm..."
             "Well... If you insist on giving it a try, then... I'll need at least 50 of those frozen hearts."
             "Please bring me Glacial hearts. The faster you get them here, the better."

Kumpulin 50 Glacial Heart, kalo udah balik lagi ke Chief Balrog
NPC        : "Thank you. I'm sure that my soldiers will appreciate these... Those guys aren't used to the desert, and could use the relief."
             "Well... It looks like you earned this."
             "[" Nama Char kamu "]"
             "What's this?"
             "You'd know if you read it. It's a certificate that proves that you're a member of the Continental Guard. I admit that I'm impressed by your skills and gumption."
             "Welcome to the Continental Guard, my friend. Are you ready to risk your life for the sake of peace in the world?"
             "Your mission from here on will be simple, but extremely difficult: you will join the rest of the Continental Guard to keep Satan Morroc from fully reviving its true power."
             "My soldiers are risking their lives to fight Morroc's doppelgangers and underlings in order to make it safer for their comrades to travel to Morroc's lair."
             "It looks like your help could be useful after all. It's time for you to pitch in. Good luck."

Nah kalo udah dapet Continental Guard Paper,, sekarang tinggal keluar dari pintu timur morroc..

kalo udah masuk nanti bakalan ada guard,,

 Last Quest

Dan whoooooopla keluar deh Satan morroc nya


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