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Home Mate Illussion- 3.2GB

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Description :
This is full @Home Mate by ILLUSION. Fully installed it will take 3.2 GB of HDD
After install the game is in english (read mod info), fully uncensored and ready to play
With this installer a Illusion Wizzard will be installed with the newest PPExtractor and ready to install mods.
Basic needed mod to play have been already installed and should show up on the Wizzard.
As an extra option, you can also install @Home Mate Special (also known as @Home Mate Photo) and Esk Mate.
I also included couple trainers and other tools.
Make sure you have all of the net frameworks installed. Different parts of the game (mods, trainers, wizzard, launchers) need different .NET Framework to run. I included all the basic .NET frameworks with this DVD.
Make sure you read WiKi FIRST before you start asking any stupid questions like “how do i install this” or “how do i play”.
@Home Mate
System Req
Minimum requirements:
win 2000pro/xp/vista 32bit
Pentium4 2.0GHz or better
512MB ram
4GB HDD or more
64MB directX9 compatible videocard
win 2000pro/xp/vista 32bit
Pentium4 3.0GHz or better
1 GB ram or more
4GB HDD or more
256MB directX9 compatible video card with pixel shader 2.0 support
SS :
How to install:
1. Burn or mount the iso image with your favorite software and the autorun should start
2. Install DirectX
3. Install .NET Framework if needed (i included all the basic .net versions in this DVD)
4. Install @Home Mate
5. Read the wiki
6. Enjoy
Size : 3 GB
Server : Kumpulbagi, Zxcfiles, Tusfiles, Userscloud
Single Link : [Zxcfiles]
Link Part : 
Part 1 : [Kumpulbagi] [Zxcfiles] [Userscloud] [Tusfiles]
Part 2 : [Kumpulbagi] [Zxcfiles] [Userscloud] [Tusfiles]
Part 3 : [Kumpulbagi] [Zxcfiles] [Userscloud] [Tusfiles]
Part 4 : [Kumpulbagi] [Zxcfiles] [Userscloud] [Tusfiles]
Part 5 : [Kumpulbagi] [Zxcfiles] [Userscloud] [Tusfiles]
Part 6 : [Kumpulbagi] [Zxcfiles] [Userscloud] [Tusfiles]

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