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Dead by Daylight No Steam [CRACK]

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How to Install

1) Download 7-Zip and install it.
2) Download the game.
3) Right click on the downloaded game file and select “7-Zip → Extract Here”.
4) Wait when the program finish extracting.
5) Download the fix and do the same.
6) Copy the content from the fix to the main folder of the game.
7) No need to install the game, just start it with “DeadByDaylight.exe” as Administrator.
8) Enjoy! If you like it please support developers and buy the game.


Host a game Steam
1) Start Steam as Administrator and login.
2) Start the game with “DeadByDaylight.exe” as Administrator.
3) In the main menu click → “Kill your friends” → “Invite Friends (Private Match)” → “Ready”.
4) Enjoy the game.
Join a game Steam
1) Start Steam and login.
2) Start the game as Administrator.
3) Accept the invite via Steam.
4) Enjoy the game.

How to change Language

1) Start the game.
2) In the main menu click “Settings”.
3) Change here “Language = English” with one available.
4) Save.

How to change Nickname

Nickname changes with steam account.

Where is the Saves folder?

You can find all saves inside “n.D” folder.

How to Transfer Saves


Required Software

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